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About Us

What we really do?

With our Turnkey capability, our Contracting division can capture client requirements to design and then deliver ready for business, built to order retail outlets. To ensure the quality of our retail products, our twenty years of experience in the market means that we select from a long worldwide list of suppliers and regularly reject those that do not meet our standards.

Our Vision

Continue innovating the shopfitting field as market leaders. Continue providing the best shopfitting products and services to our customers.

Our Mission

To deliver shopfitting solutions at the best price, top quality and greatest choice.

History of the Company

In 1990, Retouche Decoration was founded in a small 500 square feet showroom in Deira, Dubai. It experienced phenomenal growth and in 1996 transformed into Retouche Trading L.L.C. and moved its Head Office to its current location in Salahuddin Street in Dubai.

Today, the Retouche group encompasses 4 companies and occupies 80,000 square feet of premises that are served by 45 staff members. It imports products from 27 suppliers in 19 countries and exports products around the world including all the GCC countries and several Middle Eastern and African countries namely Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan amongst others.

Retouche has the largest warehouse in the Gulf region, means that our customers have an unprecedented choice of items to choose from and they can get those items immediately. Shopfitting items and systems that are unique to the customer’s needs can be fabricated in our in-house factory to superior quality finishes.

Our customers

Our customers are entrepreneurs and we understand the market pressure that they are subjected to. It is our years of experience on the market, our dedication to understanding and satisfying our clients and our in-house Retail, Industrial and Contracting divisions that allow us to combine the benefits of automated production with the flexibility of a customized solution at the quality that has become synonymous with Retouche.

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