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  • Ship & Deliver to the U.A.E. Ship & Deliver to the U.A.E.
  • Safe and Secure Payments. Safe and Secure Payments.
  • This platform trolley (also often called a flatbed trolley) has a huge 300kg safe load capacity.
  • This is thanks to reinforced undersides and heavy duty 160mm diameter castor wheels, which all ensure long-lasting strength and safety.
  • Trolley platform has large space, flexible space applications, foldable layer board, no space occupation.
  • Flexible to transport easy to operate. Show display, beautiful and practical, the use of powder coating, long service life. 
  • Heavy-duty steel platform truck applicable to the tally, handling, widely used in the factory workshop, supermarket, warehouse, transport logistics industry such as the growth lines.
  • Trolley platform is made of high-quality steel, good strength, bearing capacity is strong. Surface made by using galvanized coating technology, powder coating, rust. 
  • 5.6 inches of polyurethane wheels, absolutely silent, give you a quiet and comfortable working environment, castor using Japanese technology, special nylon material, and coordinates with bearing, make the heavy-duty steel platform utility truck for silent silence, portability, the harder push, the lighter, greatly reduce the intensity of your work, improve efficiency. Wear-resisting degree is high, do not damage any ground.


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